Associate Lawyer - Specialized in Administrative law and International Commerce law

Lawyer of Universidad del Rosario, Colombia (2010)

Postgraduate studies in Administrative Law from Universidad del Rosario, Colombia (2012)

LLM in International Commerce Law from City University of London, United Kingdom (2014)

Professional experience

He has worked  in mayor law firms specialized in urban, real state, environmental and commerce law

Founding partner of Lauda Legal (2019)

He served as a lawyer for legal services management of ProColombia (2016-2019)

He worked as senior lawyer in real state law at Phillipi, Prietocarrizosa & Uría (2015)

He was involved in Pinilla González & Prieto Abogados (2015)


Publications and other credentials

During his career path at ProColombia, he published manuals and guides related with the licenses procedures for construction and social, economic and urban develepment of interest zones (Zidres) and the Construction Manual in Colombia. 

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