Associate Lawyer - Specialized in Business Law

Lawyer from Universidad del Rosario with emphasis in Commercial Law, Colombia (2017)

Postgraduate studies in Business Law from Universidad Externado, Colombia (2019)

Professional experience

She has been working for the firm since 2017 and has focused on the practice areas of commercial, corporate, exchange, migration and labor law.

She was a member of the Research Line in Mercantile Custom (2016), and of the Research group in Intellectual Property (2016-2017) at Universidad del Rosario.

Publications and other credentials

Course of “Intellectual Property for the agricultural sector”. Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC). February – April 2017.

PCT Distance Learning Course: Introduction to the Patent Cooperation Treaty. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). February 2017.

International Seminar on Environmental, Hydrocarbons and Mining Crimes in Colombia. Universidad del Rosario. November 2012.


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