Transactions with Colombian companies

You may enter into a contract where the applicable law is that of your country. However, applicable law and applicable jurisdiction may be varied by colombian law, according to some limitations prescribed by our legal system. Therefore, doing business in Colombia and drafting contracts with colombian parties has to take into consideration the potential effects and interpretation of those agreements in a colombian court.

Our assistance includes negotiation of contractual terms, and counseling of the best way to enter into the business venture, from the tax and commercial point of view.

Once the type of agreement for doing business in Colombia is chosen, we help in implementing the agreement between the parties and, once this set up phase is completed, our firm takes care of the corporate and commercial law work associated to the operation of the business.


Count on us for your next business decision in Colombia. Let us know more about your situation. You will hear from us within the next 24 business hours to arrange for a free consultation.


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