Foreign Direct Investment

Before you invest in Colombia, a comprehensive planning stage is required. Our firm does a Tax and corporate planning to decide the best way to incorporate and do transactions, in order to operate with efficiency and to achieve the real interests of the stakeholders.

Once planning is done, our firm takes care of the incorporation of the elected vehicle(s) in one or more jurisdictions, for you to make wise decisions before you invest in Colombia. Sometimes the planning indicates the necessity to implement different commercial agreements between the companies of the group.

Our firm can help drafting the different contracts, looking always to satisfy the technical requirements of those agreements, in order to achieve the tax and corporate effects desired, before or after you invest in Colombia.

Colombia has a system of currency control based on informing the central bank of any currency movement. These regulations are present, for instance, in operations involved in investing, Import and export, services, and foreign loans. Our firm takes care of the compliance with these regulations, which ensures the avoidance of penalties.

Once this set up phase is completed and after you invest in Colombia, our firm takes care of the corporate and commercial law work associated to the operation of the business.


Count on us for your next business decision in Colombia. Let us know more about your situation. You will hear from us within the next 24 business hours to arrange for a free consultation.

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